Grooved acryl phenolic resin bonded filter cartridge in length 1 = 248 mm, open ends configuration.

Cuno Micro-Klean G78L8

General Notice to end-users in West-Europe: YES, we have taken them in stock to help you out !

Since Cuno closed its manufacturing facility in Calais last year, trans-atlantic delay of the 3M Micro-Klean acryl-phenol filter cartridges - now made in the US - led to depleted stock-positions europe-wide for upto 6 weeks.  

As reseller / distributor we moved heaven-and-earth twice in an effort to alternatively source the G78L8 type for one of our clients, who found themselves in desperate need of upto 1000+ of these filter cartidges to keep their process going.

Having been able to help out just-in-time twice, we decided to invest in stock to prepare for future emergencies. We offer our instant service to european users only.

3M Cuno Micro-Klean III type G78L8 -  Euro 635.00 per 100 pcs (= carton).

(Plus transport to you at cost; Foreign clients: 100% Advance payment or 105% via Paypal)

Info on price and availability for other types and configurations:  please ask.

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